The Realities of Online Education

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The Basics of Online Education.

Applications for schools/college places have been a hassle lately and the filling of forms and indemnity forms more complex. in countries like the United States of America and South Africa, violence in schools has become so prevalent to the extent that some well-to-do families now prefer to homeschool their children. Teachers also have become comfortable with online teaching than the school/classroom environment as they are also vulnerable to violence. Besides, the standard of education, especially in public school, is deteriorating with overcrowded classrooms. Most parents today opt for homeschooling where they choose and influence what their children

The Internet and Online Teaching/Learning

Online teaching and learning today has been made easy with the new technologies and the internet. People are now able to upgrade their education and/or even learn and obtain new qualifications online. The Internet has made learning easier and manageable as one is able to regulate the time of study. Similarly, one can either choose a free online course or a paid one depending on their affordability.

For one who already has a job, its best to do an online course, that is, if the company does not give paid study leave. For young people out of school, there are so many opportunities on the internet. A great number of them blame parents and the government for lack of employment or even college funding. Moreover, they spend most of their time on social media, twitter, facebook, whatsup and many more.

The internet offers more than just social media. One can train for their dream career, find a job or even become an entrepreneur. Many young people assume their dreams are SHATTERED or LOST, and yet its just lack of information that DELAYS their growth and head start to dream life. Many options are out there waiting to be explored. Just take a listen to tips on 1-2-1 teaching online.

What is online Teaching or Tutoring

Online Teaching/Tutoring works in the same manner as the traditional classroom setting, the only unique difference is that its a one-on-one session with the computer and internet as the learning environment. However, Online Teaching/Tutoring providers vary in what they offer. There are those that offer courses (adults), Teach  ESL/TEFL (children/adults), and the homeschooling and/or homework/assignment sites. Teaching online has become the most common and preferred method when it comes to TEFL. TEFL learners are more comfortable with a one-on-one session where there is no audience since they would be learning a foreign language. This helps build confidence and flexible interaction with the tutor.

Advantages of online education/Teaching/Tutoring

Convenient and flexible-Just a simple internet connection one is set and learning/tutoring goes. Saves time and money as they are no worries about traveling. Schedules are flexible as they are determined by tutor/learner availability. All areas are covered ranging from TEFL and foreign languages, school subjects, and college/university tutorials and assignments.
Online Education helps the tutor and learner identify and solve complex concepts of a subject together. This is important for concrete comprehension or student drilling for good grades. It is more stimulating, interactive and motivating rather than the dimensions of a textbook/document. A tutor gives instructions/explanations and prompt answers to questions which makes the learning process interesting and fun.
Such interaction gives the student a better comprehension and retention of content learned. The classroom and the textbook then compliment for best results. Learners of all ages can benefit from online education. Atutor can adjust to the level of the student and thas quite interesting and fun form of learning.

There are times when tutors drill learners for exams, this leads to rote learning as students tend to memorize steps and concepts rather than learn for comprehension.

How online education compliments the classroom.

Working parents do not find time to help their children with homework and/ or extra work, hence the tutor becomes handy. Some learners struggle with comprehension and confidence in overcrowded classrooms hence their reception and retention are compromised. Tutoring helps boost subject comprehension and confidence, important skills in learning. And during school breaks, Students are kept on track of their school work. Above all, it offers variety in the field of teaching and learning, and the rate at which it is growing, it’s likely to take center stage in a few years to come..

Finding the Rightful online Tutor

The internet is the place to do one’s research, with the web as the initial source of information. There are so many site that offer teaching/tutoring online, however one need to consider some of the following factors.

1.Methods of tutoring- (i)Do they offer personalized lessons,(ii)chat or email responses,(iii) one-on-one or online classroom.

2.Quality of Tutors-(i) level of education,(ii) experience, (iii) certification.

3.Any recommendations/complaints against the company, and time in service.

4. The price of service, does it suit your budget,

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