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Lesson 1 – 25 minutes


Material, Conversations and Exercises.

Meeting People, greetings and fair wells.

Meeting someone for the first time. Lesson 1.

Exercise 1 A. New Vocabulary.

Engage-(verb) to interact or enter into conversation with someone. [Tinashe and Takashi engaged in a conversation]

Awesome-(adjective) causing awe or inspiring, excellent, remarkable, wonderful. [Your reading is awesome]

Graphic designer-(noun) an artist who creates images for a specific purpose such as advertising or web design.[Takashi is a graphic designer]

Migrate-(verb) to relocate or move from one area/country to another.[Tinashe migrated from Zimbabwe to the USA.]

Expression-(noun) the action of expressing or putting across thoughts, ideas, feelings. [ I am pleased to meet you too]

Polite-(adjective) to be well mannered, humble or civilized.[Takashi and Tinashe were very polite to each other]

Stranger-(noun) a person whom one does not know or never met before. Neither a friend nor an acquaintance. [Takashi and Tinashe were strangers who met in the train]

Ambassador-(noun) a minister of the highest office rank sent to a foreign country to represent his/her country.[who is the ambassador of your country to the USA?]

Exercise 1B. Useful expressions to note

Hello, hi,

I am great,

my name is..,

Nice/Good/Am pleased to meet you too,

wonderful, awesome, Pleasant

We use these friendly expressions to make someone feel comfortable and welcome. In a way these two strangers are being polite to one another, and hence they engage freely.

Exercise 1C. Takashi meets Tinashe on a train and engage in a conversation.[Practice with a friend/ tutor.Read twice and switch roles]


DIALOG – Start

Takashi: Hello. Can I sit here?

Tinashe: Oh yes please.

Takashi: By the way, I’m Takashi, how are you?

Tinashe: I am great. My name is Tinashe.

Takashi: Beautiful name, nice to meet you Tinashe. Where are you from?

Tinashe: Am pleased to meet you too. I am from Zimbabwe, how about you?

Takashi: I am from Japan, but have been living in Washington for over 10 years now.

Tinashe: That’s wonderful, I am only 6 months old here.

Takashi: Awesome, what brings you to Washington?

Tinashe: We just moved here with my family. My father is an Ambassador.

Takashi: Wow, so what are doing?

Tinashe: I’m in college, how about you?

Takashi: I am a graphic designer and am off to work. Oh, this is my stop. Bye Tinashe. Hope we meet again.

Tinashe: Bye friend, hope so too.


Answer these questions in full sentences.

1.Where did Takashi and Tinashe meet?

  1. Where is Takashi from, and for how long has he been living in Washington?
  2. What is Tinashe’s home country, and why did he come to the USA?
  3. Where are they going?

Exercise 1D. Discussion.

1.Why do you think most people are migrating to the USA?

2.Tell me about the countries you ever visited or you wish to migrate to and why? If you have been outside your country of birth to another country, what was your first impression and feeling about the new place?

  1. What do you think about migration in general? Is it good or bad? Give your reasons.
  2. Given the chance, would you migrate overseas? If yes/no, give reasons?
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