How it All Started

There is nothing impossible or undoable in life, unless one programs their mind-set to be non-achievers or failures.

Albert Einstein said “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid”

I had not been employed for over two years and still am. For all my life I had been a teacher and had not known or done any other job apart from teaching. My failure to secure a teaching job made me want to question my abilities. One thing that kept me going was that I knew I was and still am, a very good English Teacher/speaker. That is a fact and cannot be compared to the fish’s ability to climbing a tree.

It so happened when I visited a friend who spoke about teaching online. I looked at her and thought to myself,’ wow, this woman is nuts! How does she expect me to do that when I am not even trained to do that?’ Besides I had always thought of the internet as a platform for job hunting and social media interactions. It never occurred to me that the internet can offer huge endeavours apart from what I thought and used it for. She introduced me to kudaonline who later took me through an adventurous journey of internet marketing and making money online. He helped open a new visionary window of the internet and made me make an introspection of my capabilities in exploiting abundant opportunities available on the internet as well as using the talents vested in me.

Once one rediscovers the internet for what it is, they become unstoppable and social interaction becomes limited as one tries to make up for the time lost. That is me today. It had never occurred to me that I can learn and upgrade my knowledge for free, to the extent of obtaining a certificate, Diploma or even a degree, all for free online’An idle mind is the devil’s haven’. If one is not working or cannot afford college education don’t blame it on social background or government. Take the initiative, break that cycle of blame cards or notion of a curse. Find a course online and learn. Become that person you have always seen in your visionary flashes. It is possible and doable to bring reality to life with the internet.

As I sit in front of my computer writing this I have made a huge stride on the internet (getrudeonline) and this has fuelled tremendous energy I never thought I possess. I have even gone further to obtain a TEFL certificate that I had always assumed I would never afford. This has added value to my marketability on the job market, i.e if ever I want to work for someone/organisation again. I am also in the process of refreshing my Psychology as I signed up for a Diploma in psychology. Dreams are never shattered but they are just delayed! Find yourself and take the first step into the world of fundis. Don’t make yourself a statistic of the unlearned when a silver platter is right in front of you. Grab it with both hands, it’s for free, it only takes your zeal plus computer/laptop and internet. Change your mind-set on the use of the internet.  

My life which I had concluded was doomed for the past two years has taken a new twist. I found a job online and met a very young friend, Belinda Moyo who has established herself as an online English teacher with a Japanese company. She has helped me remain positive in my endeavour to establish myself as an ESL teacher online. It’s never too late for anyone. Don’t sit there and cry that life is giving you lemons when you are actually sitting on the grapefruit tree. Make the initiative to change your life, either by learning or finding a job online.

My journey on the internet marketing started when I met kudaonline and one tutorial led to wonderful discoveries. I never want to look back again and I urge anyone who wants to be somebody to stop moaning and join the online visionaries and online entrepreneurs.


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