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My name is Getrude Siziba. I am a 49-year-old mother of two. Below is a recount of lessons I have learnt from Kudakwashe Sape Tshuma in the two months that I have known and worked with him.

1. Humbleness


I started working with Kudaonline in January 2019. This was after I heard about him from a Friend, Memory Keta Chikwekwete. I tried a friend request on Facebook, but he had reached the maximum.  Then a text on message had to be. I was humbled when he responded faster than I expected. This taught me a life lesson, to be humble. Treat every person with respect. Give attention to their concerns and encourage them. The time I reached out to Kudaonline I was not working and still am. I had reached that point of despair and hopelessness. I expected him to shun me and reach out when I am financials sorted. But no, we spoke and he sent me initial tutorials to listen to and read.

2. Listen and Encourage.


Kuda listens and encourages. After mentioning that I had no money, he listened to me and encouraged me that I should always not hope to work but to create work. I actually thought he was nuts, how can he speak like that when he is not even in my shoes? Two years of no income and now someone talks of positivity. The attention I got from Kuda was so overwhelming and that became my drive.

3. Re-direct and channel.


When I reached out to Kudaonline I only wanted to be helped to find means to an end,  online teaching period. But no, he probed about my interests, standard of education and abilities. He started highlighting many avenues I could explore and establish myself. It became apparent to me, and I developed the zeal to enter the world and discover the greatness he preached. Even when I paid $97, its nothing compared to what I have acquired and this glory picture I am envisaging. Kudaonline planted ideas of websites, blogging, actually creating my own brand. As much as I still want to pursue my teaching I now have other directions am pursuing as well.

4. Patience.


Working with Kuda has taught me to be extra patient. He assured me that in everything that human beings do, they just need to be patient, it doesn’t matter how dire the situation may be. Remember when I made contact with him I had no money and with no hope of getting any. But he assured me that, where there is a will there is a way. Patience is vital as good things happen to those that wait patiently with hope and focus.


5. Commitment and Determination.


Kuda taught me that once I get an idea or it’s planted in me, despite how bizarre it might be I should not give up. I must pursue it until I reach the end. One needs to be committed to anything they initiate with determination. I took a resolve from the first day I engaged with Kudaonline and promised myself that I have to pursue this until I attain the greatness of affiliate marketing.



6. Dare to take new challenges.


When Kudaonline spoke about websites, blogs, domains it sounded alien and impossible, considering I was not a computer whiz. He dared me to the challenge and showed me how that would transform my life and that of my children. Today as I write this I am a proud owner of a website, https://www.getrudeonline.com and about to begin my world cruise. I may have not started to make any money but the knowledge that I am equipped with is more than money itself. My abilities were unknown to me until Kudaonline happened.

  1. NB. Remember as I am writing and doing this, I am in Pretoria South Africa and Kudakwashe Sape Tshuma is in Zimbabwe. The power of technology and social media enabled us to meet, and it’s going to help me grow a business as well as meet, inspire and be inspired by more new people from all walks of life.



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